Repairs and Maintenance

Pleasantair provides a fast, friendly and efficient service to all its customers, regardless of if you are a single individual, tenant, landlord or building facilities manager.

We understand that cost efficiency and a safe productive working environment is vital to the success of any company and will design a maintenance program tailored specifically for you and covering all your equipment. Regular maintenance not only increases the life span of your equipment by ensuring that it operates efficiently, but more importantly, has proven to minimize costly breakdowns and downtime.

Our team consists of qualified technicians who are more than capable of resolving any technical issues which you might experience. Callouts are logged onto our computer system which then provides detailed historical information of your site and equipment. Once the call is logged, we will arrange for our nearest technician to visit your premises.

We carry out Servicing and Repairs on all types and makes of equipment, whether originally supplied by Pleasantair or not.

The range of equipment includes:

Air-conditioning (Air cooled or water cooled)
Pumps, Cooling Towers & water treatment
Ductwork and Grilles
Fans and Air-curtains
Heat pump geysers
Electronic controls

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