We recommend the installation of either:
Midwall split units ( see pricing ) or
Ducted split units ( also known as in-ceiling concealed central ducted units ).

Both options are available in either Non-Inverter or Inverter (energy saving) type and come standard with Heating / Cooling functions.

What "size" airconditioner do I need?
It is highly recommended that you allow one of our sales people to assist you in this regard as there are many factors to consider, but as a rough estimation, use the following calculation;
Room width (m) x Room length (m) x 550 = Btu's required.

BTU Calculator


Length: meters  
Width: meters  
Height: Fixed at 2.5 meters    
Please select ONE factor of the room / office to consider when calculating the air-conditioner's capacity:

  Large or oversized windows with direct sunlight
Wide open spaces to other rooms, offices or bathroom
Floor to Ceiling height more than 2.5 meters
Extremely hot/cold in season
None of the above

Approximate Capacity Required=


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